Motorized and Manual Screens

Versatile Installations


Your motorized screens can be installed virtually anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, garage door screens, in direct weather on a pergola or under a porch, these systems can withstand the elements.  Built to custom lengths for your window screens, these truly custom motorized screens are the perfect solution to ease the sun in the summer and keep the fall winds out of your screened in porch.

Sleek Design


Your motorized screens will roll into a cassette that will cloak the system when not in use.  Like the security shutters, if the systems are installed during construction, the units can be almost completely hidden and only seen when in use.  

Usable Year Round Outdoor Space


Whether you are trying to keep the bugs at bay for the evening or trying to cut the wind in the fall to watch the football game on your SeaLockTX TV, your screens will do the job.  Not only cutting the direct sun on your porch, you will also be able to retains heat when the screens are down.  You will enjoy your patio like you have never enjoyed it before.  



Your screens can be configured in a 100% block out if you want and need complete privacy.

Multiple Configurations


You can install two types of systems in one place.  If you need a bug screen for some of the year and sun block for the rest of the year, you can install two different systems in one application.  Or if you need sunblock and security, you can install rolling shutters and rolling screens in the same system and use them separately as you need them.    



Alutech United, Inc


Alutech United, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of roll shutters and roll screens. For over 25 years, we have taken great care in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. We also believe in setting the standard of quality and service that our competitors have yet to match. 



Around 35 years ago, Hans Schanz set himself on a quest to develop roll shutters that were significantly different from anything offered on the market at that time.   

"Being a mechanical engineer, I was looking for a niche product and discovered new applications for roll shutters."                                                                                        - Hans Schanz



In 1984, Hans Schanz revolutionized the idea of a roller shutter. The “Studio Star” roll shutter was designed to conform to various shapes and window styles. Within a few years, the company became the market leader for asymmetrically shaped roll shutters. The company had also grown to around 30 employees, generating $2 million in revenues in 1989.     



During the 90s, Hans Schanz’s sons started actively working on shaping the company. In 1990, Holger Schanz incorporated WIGA GmbH. He is now the CEO of the company, supplying the Northern European shutter market with exceptional products. Joe Schanz expanded the company’s American subsidiary, further developing the company’s position within the North American market. Today, he is the president of Alutech United Inc. in Delaware, USA.  



Thanks to the dedication and hard work of General Manager George Pfaller, Alutech has gone from only two employees to a staff more than thirty strong. For fifteen years, George positioned Alutech as the leading and most well-respected producer of hurricane and security shutters. Thanks to his leadership, Alutech prides itself on offering the highest quality and service.   



Our research and development efforts have led to one of the most diverse product lines in the North American shutter market. This ranges from our Barracuda shutters, designed for security and storm protection, to our famous “Studio Star” roll shutters. These premium products are also distributed, and installed, by our trained dealers nationwide.  

Two Locations


Our company headquarters is located in Selbyville, DE while our second location is in Sarasota, FL. Both locations include inventory and manufacturing floors, as well as efficient and cost-effective equipment for production and shipping. 


Corradi USA

 Corradi is an Italian Company dedicated to bringing vitality and functionality to outdoor spaces.  Creating a Corradi Outdoor Living Space becomes an easy reality with our American manufacturing branch, Corradi USA, based in Dallas TX. Whether you are enhancing the operational charm of the outdoor comforts of home or expanding the atmosphere of an energetic commercial establishment, Corradi has the creative solution to your Outdoor Dream Space.

Italian Design, Innovative Thinking and Worldwide Collaboration comprise the latest Shading Technology with components manufactured in Europe and America – Fabricated in the USA. 


Tuscon Rolling Shutters and Screens

Tucson Rolling Shutters: 

Since 1979

From a husband and wife selling rolling shutters out of their home to a large retractable products manufacturer, TRS is a leader in their industry. The only way to grow a business is hard work, dedication and excellent customer service. This is very evident in the way TRS conducts business with clients, dealers, vendors and team members. We’re always fair and honest in every aspect of business. Customers are happy with us and it shows as 70% of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers.

Since the company was formed in 1979, Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. always remains true to teamwork, pride, integrity and innovation so you constantly get the best products and service available.

Our staff is highly regarded in their industry as the Sun Protection Experts due to their knowledge, experience and passion for what they do.

All new products are planned, engineered and tested from CAD drawings to rapid design to final extrusions. Innovation is part of our never-ending quest for the most cutting edge retractable product available in any market.


TRS only sold and installed rolling shutters in and around Tucson. Rolling shutters were a new concept for most American customers.


TRS purchased their first container of raw materials for full-scale manufacturing. Becoming a manufacturer helped decrease lead times, improve quality control, and allowed TRS to become more competitive.


We became one of the first companies to offer retractable solar screens to Tucson and the American market.


TRS introduced a revolutionary new self-locking tension screen system called the Tucson SunFix® Screen.


The very successful zipper screen system called the Solution Screen was released to the world. Soon after the Solution Xtreme Screen was created with widths up to 32ft to meet the demands of wider patio openings.


TRS introduced the Tucson Signature Series Motors & Electronics and was one of the first with a LIMETIME WARRNTY on motors and electronics in the industry.


TRS offers the LiTouch Safety Drive to protect retractable screens from obstacles or resistance.


We became Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens.


TRSS opened a retail sales and installation location in Tempe, Az. Arizona Rolling Shutters & Screens expanded the ability to provide the best retail products from the manufacturer and installed by the manufacturer to the entire state of Arizona.

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