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Original Pawleys Island


Driving into Pawleys Island, South Carolina, you notice something unique about the welcome signs…

Just below the Pawleys Island name is a picture of a hammock. That's because this beautiful seaside town of salt marshes, live oaks and Spanish moss,  where the Original Pawleys Island® brand began 125 years ago, is to the American style of hammock what Hershey, Pennsylvania, is to the chocolate bar. Pawleys Island set the standard.

A highly crafted hammock is like candy for both the body and soul. So we at Pawleys Island® Hammocks invite you to take your own big bite of unparalleled relaxation. You're going to love how sweet it feels…


Remember how, as a kid, life just couldn’t seem to get much better than when you were swaying in a backyard swing, legs waving free?

Because it felt like you could almost fly, even as you were still tethered safely to Earth. So why should a sensation so utterly satisfying be lost just because you had to grow up a little?  Pawleys Island swings are places to let your feet dangle and dreams fly, all within comforting distance of ground.

Hammock and Swing Stands

It's the classic way to do it, suspending a hammock between two shady trees, or a swing from a sturdy porch beam.

Yet not every yard or home allows for this, and not everyone wants to commit to a single permanent relaxation spot, anyway. So, what then?

Allow us to introduce our collection of highest-quality hammock and swing stands, providing the ease and flexibility to relax in handsome fashion almost anywhere you've got a wide, flat, open patch of ground, or stretch of patio, porch, deck or poolside!


Our expanding line of cottony-soft all-weather outdoor pillows runs from classic horizontal head-perches designed expressly to make hammock reclining all the more cushy, to a host of throw-size Decorative Pillows in traditional Lowcountry colors, for bolstering your favorite relaxation nook with bursts of bright plush comfort.

So however hard it may get out there in your own neck of the woods, we're here to make eye-pleasing ever-softer seating an easy reality!

Furniture - Casual Seating

Pawleys Island's famed hammocks predate the Adirondack chair, another American invention, by a decade or two... but who's countin'? We've put our own spin on the classic Adirondack design with a collection of Sunrise Adirondack furniture, inspired by the breathtaking horizon along our eastern shore at dawn. Both styles are manufactured of a 100% wastewood-free DuraWood composite material guaranteed to withstand your weather's worse, wherever you may be. 

Furniture - Casual Dining

Dine, or don't. But sit in this furniture once, and you're sure to find yourself back again, evening after glorious evening. Comfortable and intimate, these handcrafted pieces are made for anything from a romantic backyard date to formal outdoor gatherings. 

Furniture - Costal Collection

Generations back, when heirloom wicker porch furniture started wearing out from years of Lowcountry weather, folks would often patch the holes with rope or cover them over with pillows. Our Coastal collection celebrates those simple effective solutions, with chairs, rockers and porch swings featuring seats of hand-woven synthetic DuraCord® rope, or plump interwoven cushions of cottony-soft all-weather Sunbrella® fabric. And replacing those rot-prone wooden frames of old? Our hardy, handsome Durawood™ poly-lumber, which keeps things even more relaxed and maintenance free! 

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