Reclaim Your Space With NuImage Awnings

Retractable Awnings

Overhead Sun Protection

If you have a patio with no natural shade in Oklahoma, the mid day sun can be brutal.  One of our retractable awnings will let you reclaim this high noon shoot out with the summer sun.  

Versatile Applications

Your retractable awning can be mounted in a variety of locations including on the roof or under soffits.  No space is too difficult to find a solution to get you the relief that you need. 

Add A Drop Screen

By adding a drop screen to your retractable awning, you can increase the coverage when you have the system deployed.  Like the retractable awnings, the drop screen will retract into the init and will completely disappear when you don't want it used.  

Completely Hidden

Then you have your awning retracted, and by choosing the fully cassetted model, you will not see the awning.  All awnings can include a water and ice shield that will protect the awning when it is retracted.  We all know Oklahoma weather and how harsh it can be int he winter and in the summer.  Your awning will be fully protected with these options added. 

Remote and Automatic Operation

Your awning can come with an optional wind sensor and sun sensor.  These sensors will extend the awning when the sun hits the area that you want to shade.  You awning will also retract if the wind becomes too much for the system.  We know all too well that in Oklahoma the wind blows all the time, and on some days it really blows.

Commercial Grade Aluminum

These systems are made from the highest grade of aluminum.  These NuImage Awnings systems are tough enough to withstand anything that the Oklahoma weather can throw at them.  

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